Today is Chocolate Cupcake Day!

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Chocolate Cupcake Day! WooHoo!

I’m telling you what, whoever came up with National Food Holidays is a total genius! Here’s 5 decadent chocolate cupcake recipes to help you and those you bake for celebrate! Enjoy (as if I even had to say that!)

1. Chocolate Cupcakes With Peanut Butter Cookie Dough “Frosting”

Cookie Dough anything sounds good to me!

Get the recipe at gimme some Oven!

2. Double Chocolate Mocha Crunch Cupcake

Can't hardly stand it!

 Get the recipe at Bakers Royale.

3. Iced Coffee Cupcakes

Coffee AND Chocolate!

Get the recipe at My Easy Cooking.

4. German Chocolate Cupcakes

Toasted coconut is always a winner!

Get the recipe at Recipe.com.

5. Devil’s Food Cupcakes


Get the recipe at The Baking Pan.