When Should I Replace My Water Filter?

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when to buy refrigerator water filter replacements

  While most manufacturers have their own recommendations on the frequency of your water filter replacement, we’d like to give you some general guidelines to follow. (Always follow the manufacturers recommendations first.)

When To Replace Your Water FilterReplace Your Water Filter:

  •  Every 6 Months – If you have municipal water, you can usually go 6 months between water filter changes. If you drink or use a lot of water, consider more frequent changes.
  •  Every 3-6 Months – If you use well water, you should consider changing your water filter more often.
  • Immediately – If you notice visible particulates or a bad odor or taste in your water, replace your water filter now.

It’s a good idea to develop a regimented schedule for your water filter replacement. While filtering your water at home is a great idea, not replacing your water filter when needed can cause your water to become contaminated. Once you have maxed out the effectiveness of your water filter, it slows the rate at which water passes through it. You are also washing your water over the excess contaminants trapped in your water filter.

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