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BA Appliance Repair Customer Review via Yahoo Local

Posted on 10/16/12
5 Star Customer Rating via Yahoo Local!
I had been having issues with my Frigidaire side by side (a loud, grinding noise was permeating from behind the ice maker). After several attempts to fix it myself, I found BA Appliance repair on Google. A technician was at my home within 24 hours. Upon his arrival, he was courteous, professional, and walked me through the repair process and explained that the half-moon tube delivering water to my ice maker had a blockage and was forcing water to drop down the back panel and freeze on the fan. He removed all of the ice and the blockage. After fixing the problem, he explained that there could be an additional issue (but he didnt want to tear apart my refrigerator it his actions corrected the problem) and if it happened again, to just call back and they would come back to fix the other issue free of charge. I would definitely recommend BA Appliance repair to anyone who asked!
Affordable Quality Appliance Repair in Cincinnati

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BA Appliance Repair Service
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