Refrigerator Maintenance: The Key to a Lasting Relationship

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take care of your fridgeGeneral maintenance of your refrigerator, freezer can greatly extend the life and efficiency of your appliance. Consider following these simple maintenance tips to keep your refrigerator in tip top condition.

Your refrigerator should sit level to the ground. To test this, use a common carpenters level placed on top of your refrigerator.


Be sure your refrigerator has proper clearance from surrounding walls. Generally, most refrigerators need at least 1 inch of clearance on each side, top and back.


Check that the door gaskets are sealing properly and in good condition. To check the gasket, first unplug the refrigerator to avoid electrical shock. If the gasket has pulled away from the door, push it back into the retainer. If the gasket is torn, ripped or cut, consider having it replaced. You can lose a lot of the cooled air from your refrigerator if the gasket is not sealing properly. This can cause your refrigerator to run longer, using more energy and work harder, lessening the life of your refrigerator.


Make sure the condensing coils are clean. Refrigerators cool faster and work more efficiently when the coils are clean. To avoid electrical shock, unplug your refrigerator before cleaning dirty coils. Use an appliance cleaning coil brush and your vacuum to clean dust away. Clean the coils every 30 days. If you have pets that shed, you should clean the coils more often.


If your refrigerator has a water filter, replace it regularly. Follow the manufacturers suggested frequency.


Always keep food covered to prevent odors from lingering throughout the fridge and freezer. Use baking soda or a refrigerator air filter to help minimize odor transfer.


Empty the ice bin periodically to start fresh. Old ice in the bottom of the bin can absorb odors and effect the taste of the ice.


Replace broken parts in a timely manner. Things like shelves, drawers, handles and light bulbs are generally inexpensive repairs that you can do yourself.

Homeowners in the Greater Cincinnati Area can contact BA Appliance Repair Service to schedule a service appointment for your needed refrigerator repair.

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