The Most Impotortant Appliance Repair Tip Ever!

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It happens a lot more often than you’d think…you fill your washer with dirty clothes, pre-treated and everything, you turn your washing machine on and it doesn’t go. You open your freezer to get some ice and find the ice cream has melted all over your pork chops. You load your dishwasher full of grimy dishes, so happy to get them out of your sink, you press start and…nothing.
Before you get your phone book out, before you call your husband or wife in a panic, before you start searching online for an affordable, expert appliance repair service in your area (I know a really good one 😉 their number is 513-233-8209!), the first rule of any appliance repair is always, always make sure your appliance is plugged in! According to our staff technicians, this happens a lot more often than you’d think. Customers call and schedule a service appointment and the tech arrives only to find the customers appliance has been unplugged or they’ve blown a fuse. You will be charged for a service call (in our case it’s only $19.95 for regular hours calls, but still, that’s $19.95 you could’ve saved.), the repairman will plug your machine back in for you, he’ll leave with a smile and a good story to tell someone later.
So the first rule of all appliance repair is…
Appliance Repair TipMake sure your appliance is plugged in. Check that you haven’t blown a fuse and the outlet is working. And, of course, if that doesn’t fix the problem, I know a guy….
BA Appliance Repair Service
We’re Here To Work When Your Appliances Don’t!

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