Tap Water and Ironing

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No Tap Water In Your Clothes IronWhat Type of Water Should You Use in Your Iron?

Always use distilled water in your iron when using the steam setting. Regular tap water contains minerals that can build up over time and clog your irons steam vents or nozzle.

If your iron is clogged from using tap water, try these tips:

  • Clean the water reservoir by filling it half way with white vinegar. Steam iron a clean cloth until the vinegar is gone. Repeat using distilled water to rinse the vinegar from the water chamber.
  • After cleaning the reservoir, check the steam vents. If they have build up, use an old toothbrush or q-tips with some baking soda, or toothpaste, to clear them out. Rinse with distilled water. You may want to run it through the steam iron process again to be sure all is clean and clear.
  • Clean the sole plate by scouring with salt. Rinse with distilled water and dry completely. If the sole plate is really bad, use equal parts white vinegar and salt. Heat the mixture in a saucepan. Before it starts boiling, dip a clean cloth into the mixture and scrub. Use a fresh cloth to rinse with distilled water and dry.
  • Final step…never use tap water in your iron again so you never have to do steps one, two or three šŸ™‚

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