Wash Delicates in the Washer…or Shower?

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Wash Delicates in Mesh BagsMust Have For Delicate Loads

Most of your delicate laundry can be done in the washing machine set on the gentle cycle even if the label says “hand wash only” with the use of a mesh laundry bag. Fine mesh bags with zippered enclosures work best. The fine mesh assures any hooks from undergarments won’t poke through and the zipper enclosure keeps your laundry secure in the bag. Be sure to fasten any hooks, snaps or zippers on your clothing so they don’t attach themselves to each other or snag your stockings. Wash the filled mesh bag separately with a mild detergent made for delicate clothes. Use cold water with your washer set on the gentle cycle and throw the bag in. Hang or lay your items flat to dry.

If you don’t feel comfortable washing your delicates in the washer and feel the need to hand wash, next time you take a shower, do your laundry too. Baby shampoo and some mild body washes work well as a substitute detergent for your delicate items. Lather, rinse, gently wring and hang to dry. Talk about killing two birds with one stone 🙂


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